Why KeyCreator? | 3D Design Software | Solid Modeling

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KeyCreator’s rapid, history-free 3D editing capabilities using a simple 3D solid model. KeyCreator is the evolution of CADKEY.

This video shows an older version of our software. To try the latest version of KeyCreator visit our website: http://www.kubotek3d.com/


szekeres pista says:

Hello. Which is better : Solid Edge or KeyCreator?

Bill Jiang says:

Hi sir, I am a beginner for this kind of 3D software, I found lots of question for this new software to design 3D/2d, could you help answer me?
1. how to creat a fixed coordinate? eg.x=10,y=-18,z=0.6 choose this point (x,y,z) as the transformed coordinate point.
2.how to draw a fixed length line? eg, I want to draw a line (length 52.5mm) from a fixed point (x,y,z);
3.how to choose the intersection between any curve surface and plan?
I think these basic function should be easy to define and use it in keycreator, but I failed . Solidworks , Inventor and Catia are more helpful and easier than keyCreator here.

Greg Booker says:

Key Creator; The commonality between what you know and a bridge, to what you need     to learn about CAD?
By: Gregory Booker
  For the past two weeks I’ve been working in Kubotek Key Creator and I’m doing great 3D CAD models, though there not perfect because there are lots of artifact in them but; there pretty dam good for first attempts.  Now I do have some miss giving’s about Autodesk Auto-CAD, in-that; I can’t compare the two against each other.  You see Autodesk is very snooty about there software, and they makes you jump threw too many fire hoops just to use it.  And I have some really big question!  Like; can you import into Auto-CAD, Adobe Illustrator exported (Auto-CAD DWG) files in and use them to make parts with out having to retrace them, because you have to retrace them in Key Creator, because the software just won’t let you use them for any thing but templates.  Now Kubotek is really good about letting you use there software and training you for free, and you can’t beat that!   But it feels kind of bitter sweet because all I’ve ever believe in was Autodesk system’s Auto CAD as the industry standard and Kubotek being the family that I’m born into is the only thing I’ve come to really know.   So when purchase time comes it’s a $1,500.00 dollar pop for Key Creator.  And if there’s any thing to assuage buyers remorse it’s the crappie programs that Autodesk is willing to let you try with no-fuss, no-muss, CAD 123D and Fusion 360.  Compared to these products Key Creator is a Glittering jewel of a product worth having.

Steven Cook says:

We need a CAD program that would be a mix between MS Paint and solid modeling like Keycreator. but you could download it on a tablet like the Ipad or the Galaxy Tab. that way you could have it with you all the time.

James Duffy says:

if i have a cone that is 1/2" think top radius is 11" and bottom radius is 20" how can i convert that to sheet metal but keep the tolerance to .001"? i tried using the unbend function along with other methods just trying to figure it out, any suggestions?

Ryan Lockhart says:

Is it like CADKey 19?

Kubotek3D says:

@yavuzkeles It really depends on how much depth and flexibility you need in your CAD Software. KeyCreator has both ease of use and a depth that gives you both Freedom and Precision.

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