What is BIM?

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BIM – Building Information Modeling – is very much talked about in the building industry, but what is it really, what is it useful for, and who should use it?
Watch this video to learn more.

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Jarin Annan says:

bim-get a brelint director engg.ali akkas from. bcic.we lost a efficent director.how we pass our life without he.

Augustine Itulah says:

Nicely done. I am more informed now.

Gürcan Gök Demir says:

thanks, very useful.

BigMonitor Polska says:

It is true, but at the moment BIM is much more than building industry.
Greetings 🙂

Egor Chu says:

Bim is like excel in architecture. Right, Archicad?

Shabaz Khan says:


Loppy2345 says:

The purpose of BIM is so that we can design AI to design and build the building for us, giving us more time to be lazy and do less work!

ClayClaim says:

Your video is so extraordinary!! I know how difficult it can be… Looking forward to see more tutorials 🙂

canyon root says:

My name is bim

Aleks Cik says:

@ARCHICAD  Could you please explain me what the difference between IDM and MVD is ? I always get confused with it.

Tecnostrutture S.r.l. says:

We totally agree. That's why once we tried BIM we decided to use only it to design.

Zey Zey says:

La bim dediğin amk marketi adasadasads

Colin Mac Iver says:

Totally dig the hairdos at 1:36

Franco Segantin says:

ARCHLine is B.I.M.

Pruthvee Raj says:

Simple yet powerful… thanx

Ken Williamson says:

well done…

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