Vectorworks Spotlight Tutorial For Beginners 001

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From a series of 6 Vectorworks Spotlight tutorials that help a beginner through to creating a 2D stage lighting plan.

This introduction is the first in series, looking at:

The Vectorworks interface
Setting up your tool sets and palettes including the Object Info, Navigation and Resource Browser palettes.
Page setup and view options. Setting a page to A3 and Show Page Boundary.
Setting Layer Scale to 1:50 and setting up Vectorworks units.
The Rulers
Using Zoom and Hand tools including Zoom to Document and Zoom To Selection. Different ways to Zoom.

Vectorworks Spotlight Tutorial For Beginners


Walter van der Valk says:

Hello I'M new here, starting to learn VW Spotlight

Lucy Martin says:

Really helpful, clear and well paced video, much better than other ones on youtube, thanks very much for posting!

Dawid Sagan says:

hey guys is there any possibility to work in group on one file in VW – what I mean is kind of work that you have using Archicad Teamwork. Any ideas?

Jon Sharpe says:

should upload your videos as hd bud. @ 360p you cant really make the icons out clearly. 

Marcia Dios says:

I work on a PC version and I was wondering when I launch my Vectorworks my paper view shows a grid and I would like to turn it off and I am not sure how or where to look to turn it off. These videos are amazing by the way really helpful.

Milder Castillo says:

Ufffff too much detailed

Ellie Gordan says:

hi thanks for your video , I just wondering if i designed something in sketch up ,is it any option that i can transfer it to vector works for drawing plans and sections .

Aqsa Riaz says:

hey there i am having big trouble trying to get my page to scale.. to mm. I have chosen my printing page set up to A0… and a 1:50 scale… yet the line tool still is off page.. im so confused… I am using the educational 2014 version. Please help me 

CAdestiny says:


Thank you for this series of VectorWorks tutorials. They have been VERY informative–especially for someone like me, just getting started with the program. I have found your videos to be MUCH more helpful than those on the VW website, or a number of others I have viewed. You do a great job of clearly explaining your process, and focusing on the elements that are most important.

I just want to make you aware (in case you are not) that there is a persistent audio glitching on the 3rd installment that makes it difficult to listen to. If you have a clean copy you should consider a re-upload. You might also consider a higher resolution video as well if at all possible.

Thanks again. Cheers!

Nevi Balezdrova says:

Thanks for that, I've been having trouble getting my head around cad but this has really helped! and theres no annoying pausing and 'um-ing' like the american tutorials.. 

inktree studios says:

excellent tutorial!

Alex Johnson says:

Hi, thank you for the tutorial been so useful, does anyone know of any similar LX based videos for autoCAD 2013?

roman2011 says:

Thank you. I haven't worked for months and this is going to help get me a job.

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