TUTORIAL: New AutoCAD 2014 Reality Capture Feature | AutoCAD

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Get to know the new Reality Capture feature in AutoCAD 2014! This short tutorial shows you how to take a 3D laser scan and attach it to a drawing in AutoCAD. Autodesk ReCap allows you to create a point cloud from this scan to use for 3D tracking and mapping. Keep on designing – with AutoCAD 2014. Learn more: http://www.autodesk.com/products/recap-360/overview

For more information visit: http://autodesk.com/autocad


Ronaldo Santos says:

q auto cad bakana
pqp muito evolutivo…

Alvin Patric Lipat says:

i just wish i can master auto cap… i just love what you can do with…

Carlos Farias says:

Esta video aula é muito boa, o meu ingles técnico tambem é bom, mas se fosse em português BR seria melhor é claro, então gostaria que alguém se puder, faça um novo audio, e eu agradeço.

emmockladdie says:

What happens to that data next … does some poor soul have to try and model from it?

Pablomache says:

Its great that this technology is now available in 2014 Autodesk products including Inventor, Revit, AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max but why is it not in Maya 2014? I ask because it seems strange that Alice Labs had Studio Clouds working with Maya way back in 2009.

Vladimir Shevnin says:

they need a normal place in addition (with sofas and carpets) of to remove reverb

ToRe says:

Looking forward to autocad 2014, but it would be nice if you bought a better microphone.

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