TurboCAD Training for Beginners: Fast Start Tutorials

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http://www.cadcourse.com/services/services.htm Affordable training for beginning TurboCAD users. I am Robert Berry and I specialize in TurboCAD training and consulting. Today I would like to offer you a special introductory one-on-one remote training session to get you up and running with your new TurboCAD software.

Typically new users have a hard time getting started because they get overwhelmed in the setup and struggle to learn basic functionality. The point of this introductory training session is to help you get over these initial hurdles.
In a one-on-one Internet meeting I will be able to remotely see your computer and even move your mouse cursor while we talk over the phone.

I can ensure that your software has been correctly installed and that you get all the features that you have already paid for. I will install the customized CADCourse interface which will greatly assist you in being able to quickly master the program. I will show you how to access millions of free online drawings so that you do not have to create everything from scratch.

Then I will give you a free download of my CADCourse essentials training movies, which would normally cost over $30.

The TurboCAD Fast Start session will take about hour of your time and we are offering it to you at a reduced rate of only $30. To get started please call me toll-free at 877-827-8776 so that we can schedule. I look forward to hearing from you.


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xi500 says:

can you do some design consulting? I mean actually design the project. I dont really have the time or inclination to learn new software. Please reply, and if so i can call you.
We can do reviews over the internet and you can just zip me the file

C S says:

why do my settings not auto save for a drawing ?

kiwiavi says:

Hi Rob Now I can put a face to your voice.

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