TurboCAD Quick Start Tutorial

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New to TurboCAD. Check out the new Quick Start Tutorial. This video will show you all the basics.


vince King says:

good, but I didn't quite catch the rejoin polylines bit

Jon Ruehle says:

When he "flys out" a menu off of a button, be sure your buttons are set like his, or you'll beat you head against a wall like i did trying to turn on SNAP to grid.

superemposed says:

Is it possible to extrude a profile into a circle to form a wheel rim, with the rim cross section equal to the profile? If it is possible how would this be done? THANKS!

Aint_no_ Saint says:

You said twice at 5:47 that you were going to SNAP to the center to the center of the line and then SNAP to the corner of the rectangle. YOU TURNED THE SNAP OFF. How does it snap when it's off?

Richard Brown says:

The midpoint marker does not appear on my rectangle. Is there a way I have to make it show up? Thanks

Lincoln Karim says:

Excellent video. Straight to the point and no unnecessary introductions. I've been using TurboCad since 1991 and I still picked up some useful techniques from this video.I'm ashamed to say that I struggled for all these years using the hard way to revert back to the selector tool when all I had to do is hit the spacebar.

RomeniteNY says:

Does anyone know if you can save a 3d model as a STL file for 3d printer's?

G Yatko says:

I have a more basic need to start; my toolbars are so small that you need a magnifying glass to see them. I have a very fast 5th gen I-7 and a good video card and a ton of memory, running x64 version. What am I missing? I tried changing screen resolution from the recommended, and that did nothing for me.

John Batchler says:

This helps out in designing Battle bots

John Batchler says:

Back at you tube universities

Pierre Jordaan says:

next to delete … delete key on laptop does not do it – so where is delete – 'help' does not understand 'delete' … don't find it in the menus … a basic! So how do you delete the rh line of the rectangle?

Pierre Jordaan says:

explode … no icon for explode there – help – does not know an 'explode' icon exists .. and so it goes on

Pierre Jordaan says:

all very well if my icons did the same as your icons, ie object trim second from top … looks same as yours, but no fly out menu appears … and so it goes on!

fapjack77 says:

whoever made auto cad is a dumbass

er ba says:

Well, I enjoyed this tutorial, but I am happy there is a pause and rewind button.

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