TurboCAD Class 1 Orientation

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Learn how to setup TurboCAD.


PogyForgeWorks Robert says:

Hey, I started your turbocad series and lesson 2 part 1 is missing. Help please! Lol

channelofstuff says:

turbo cad is great for pros and newcomers. so easy to start up.

Branko Richard Babic says:

Most useful video Class. Good to see IMSI finally provide tutorials in a clear and understandable way. Users hope to see more of these excellent easy to follow presentations and tutorials.

Aziz Buffalosun says:

Will i be able to utilize this program in these courses?

Aziz Buffalosun says:

I have turbocad 15 deluxe 2d 3d

Sell Jell says:

Can I use Typing Commmand like Autocad in Turbocad ?

John Batchler says:

so am I I'm doing electronics

John Batchler says:

This is better than auto cad without the high expense like autocad

Abraham Muhammad says:

Nice. Very Helpful.

Patricia Sequeira says:

I have version 20.1 and my display is different than yours

Mo Man says:

Thanks for the classâ˜ș

Ronan Rogers says:

Excellent tutorial. If I'm working in metric should I change the number of decimals used for accuracy when I create a template? If my Artisan is accurate to 0.0001", that's 0.00254mm. So is that 3 or 4 digit accuracy, or it doesn't matter?

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