TurboCAD 3D from 2D Profiles

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Mike65809 says:

Very informative. Thank you.

jaekib says:

Excellent presentation. Thank you for a few very necessary clues!

Paul Tracey says:

Deluxe is Surface Modeling and Professional is Solid Modeling. This means that you have far more possibilities with the Professional versions.

Werner Meier says:

Thanks a lot for your work. I like yout teachting.

runningwolfe1234 says:

my  right ear was lonely

David Jello fox says:

Good tutorial, I needed this info.

Bob Fain says:

The video doesn't state that before extruding a complex 2d shape which has been made up from other 2d entities (such as the one towards the end of the video), it needs to be "closed", or the extrusion will not work.

gooferman609 says:

are these options also available on the deluxe version. I just bought it to create parts for a paintball gun (barrels, and bolts) both mostly cylindrical objects i was wondering how easy it would be to craft those items

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