Tinkercad – scan a drawing and import

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In this video you will see how to scan a drawing and email it. Then fix up any imperfections in paint, convert it into an ‘SVG’ format and then import it into Tinkercad. From there you will create a USB flash drive platform to the appropriate size and place your imported image onto it and round the corners. The next 2 Videos in the series are – Tinkercad – Creating the USB body and cap, then ‘Tinkercad’ – adding the USB plug and hole in the cap’


djjoshua007 says:

After I push the “ skinner “ … crap I don’t have an gmail account!

Joshua Bybee says:

Can you revolve a scanned sketch?

Lord Twinkie says:

Is there any way I can take pictures of my creation and save them to my computer.

derek peters says:

It is possible to bevel a custom shape like this, like you can with a premade shape?

David Damico says:

Nice tutorial, easy to understand. One thing that made me cringe though (as a graphic design teacher myself) is that you resized the mask without holding the shift key which distorted it. It's best to resize in proportion (all sides resize at the same time).Hope your students enjoyed this.

Mehoozhi says:

Thank you so much for this video! Were about to teach 3d printing at my school, and this will come in handy for the kids to use.

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