The Power of 3D Modeling with Vectorworks Software

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Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church replicated using Vectorworks software’s powerful 3D modeling tools.


Jimmy Durán says:

Great! The community needs more tutorials like this kind. Please!

Romantic Physics says:

How fit single concave lens on geodesic model? I have successfully made geodesic model but now I am looking to fit single concave (freshnel lens) on it!

Mark George says:

1:582:30 ish . — You show volumes being pushed and pulled (adding and subtracting) just like in Sketchup, but this does not work for me. I can only carve a form by subtracting different solids from each other. What am I missing??? Very frustrated! I'm using VW 2017 on a MAC.

try2justbe says:

Thank you for this tutorial. I was wondering how much RAM I need to do this kind of rendering, I'm buying a new MacBook and was wondering if 8GB RAM is enough or do I need more?

Leonardo M Quispe says:

Hello friends, very good Vector Works program. Please I need help to make my own models of lighting equipment based on moving heads with light and movement control. But I do not know how to start with the program. Thank you.

Constantine says:

Can we convert any 3D modeled shape into building elements like walls, roofs and place doors windows into them?

Tricon says:

When i put surface array of a 3d object onto a 2d plane just like u did, although it was a extracted surface from a hemisphere, the 2d base wont disappear, it stays underneath the 3d object which has been arrayed onto it. please help me remove that 2d object from there

F. Meilleur says:

The problem we have with Vw spotlight is that it doesn't manage/render linear LED lights (ColorBlast, ColorForce 12/72, etc…) properly, they come up like spot lights…. Makes it hard to have a proper render of your vision.

Marc Wittwer says:

This video is simply fantastic. Vectorworks – The undisputed best software for architects, if architecture is important!

Andrew Davies says:

Any chance of the VWX file being made available for download?


Great to See a hole Project and when to use wich Tool.
Woud be Great to See more examples like this.
How Long did. it. take to Model this in real Time ?

Esteban Zúñiga says:

Geez this was so entertaining to watch! Really want to say it would be great for us (the students) if you keep it up with tuts like these. This is an awesome way to learn and understand the tools!

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