The ARCHICAD MORPH Tool – Introduction

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ArchiCAD 16 New Features – The MORPH Tool
ArchiCAD 16 introduces direct modeling capabilities into the native BIM environment with its brand new MORPH™ tool. MORPH allows element creation with any custom geometry in an intuitive graphical way, featuring popular modeling techniques such as push & pull. MORPH elements can be created from scratch simply by drawing a 3D polygon or by converting any existing ArchiCAD BIM element. The MORPH tool is an optimal solution for creating custom BIM components, custom structures, and custom elements of the built environment as well as custom-designed building interiors.

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Vennesla Library & Cultural Center, Norway
Helen & Hard,
Photo ©Emile Ashley


Ermal Tahiri says:


S A says:

worthless modeling tool

ابو خالد says:

نعم يا اخي

Khaled Rashdan says:

هذا التحديث يعتبر ثورة في الاركي كاد سيسهل كثيرا في استخدامه وسينافس بشدة الماكس والسكتش اب

Khaled Rashdan says:

هل تدرسون البرنامج بشكل نظامي هناك ؟؟

ابو خالد says:

🙂 اللي من كلية العمارة والتخطيط – جامعة الملك سعود يعطيني لايك

ernesto espinoza says:

ya no hay escusa para no usar archicad hoy párese skp

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