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    Fusion 360: Batman Wall Plaque!
    by Michael Buckley
    TurboCAD 3D from 2D Profiles
    by James Sullivan
    Introducing CorelCAD™
    by Loren Meyer
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An Ad-Hoc Tutorial on the shape tools available in FreeCAD. From a newer users perspective.
Getting started drawing simple house plans. For more information, please visit http://www.paulthecad.co.uk
Vectorworks Spotlight – Drawing in 3D. Beginners guide to starting out in 3D. Follows the six On Stage Lighting 2D Vectorworks Spotlight tutorials that get you started that can be found at http://www.onstagelighting.co.uk/training-tutorials/vectorworks-spotlight-tutorial/ This tutorial [More]
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Learn how to import a CAD drawing into a FlexSim model, including how to use the easy import wizard, toggling the visibility of specific layers, and adjusting the scale of the drawing for proper size [More]
In this video you will see how to scan a drawing and email it. Then fix up any imperfections in paint, convert it into an ‘SVG’ format and then import it into Tinkercad. From there [More]
This hour-long webinar will cover the use of horizontal scale settings, text sizing, linetype and dimension scaling & sizing in Carlson Software with IntelliCAD. Whether working in plain IntelliCAD, AutoCAD or with Carlson, dealing with [More]
http://cad-1.com/ | AutoCAD Drawing Standards For as long as AutoCAD has been around, individuals have been developing their preferred system for layer naming conventions, color and linetype assignment, and text or dimension style creation. Now, [More]
CorelCAD can verify a CAD drawing against drawing standards such as those stored in DWS files. This verification will detect and repair industry standard violations to ensure compliant CAD drawings. More information and free trial [More]
This video shows how to place views from existing 3D files in the IRONCAD drawing environment. How to place dimensions, section views and more. Part 2 of 9, Day 3 of 4 – Solidmakarna IRONCAD [More]