Space VFX Elements Video Course for Blender | Promo Video

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Creating a 3D universe is hard… no longer! After watching this 16+ hours video course you’ll be ready to create any space object in Blender. Quasars, gas giants, planets, black holes, asteroids and more.
Aidy Burrows and Gleb Alexandrov, two Blender geeks joined forces to create this cosmic tutorial series.


Video Info: 16+ hours, 1920 x 1080 (download+streaming), MP4 format
26 Space VFX Tutorials
2 Workflows: Procedural and Image-based
Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Bonuses: Project Files and Extra Assets

Update 1.1: Micropolygon Displacement

What’s in this update?
1.5 hours of bonus video tutorials:

Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 1
Micropolygon Displacement Basics Part 2
Exoplanet: Zoom to the Surface


Houd Ammari says:

"Especially if you have dreams About Space Like ASS"

Gamers Club KS says:

At once I create this without learning. (But I use blender + PicsArt)

Chris Gond says:

update for 2.8 please?

Tarang Pandya says:

Music name ??

Oh On Shaggy? says:

I just bought it. I'm super stoked to see what I'll be able to create.

SecretDimension says:

This trailer gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

Asad Ghafoor says:

congrats you made an infinite space in just 212 GB HDD !!
your creation is awesome

Joel Christiansen says:

This is simply epic! But i'm pretty sure the promo video has been edited a bit. If it weren't than that would be amazing. Does anyone know were i can find the exact blender files used within the promo video? or at least a tutorial that includes all the exact steps on how to make something so epic. Thanks Again! 🙂

Toast Cgi says:

Just bought this course, i really appreciate what you do for the community and you deserve all the support, Fly safe <3

Stephen Drew says:

Looks awesome :). Quick question, if you created this in blender… Could you then import the results into unity? Or are the particle systems etc different. I am creating a passion project in unity and would like to create something similar in unity. I appreciate it will take me a while to learn but I'd like to make sure I am learning the right stuff :).

Julian says:

If it goes on sale I'll buy it.

TheStarWarsNerd says:

a visual masterpiece

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