SolidCAM & iMachining – The amazing CAM solution!

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SolidCAM with the unique, patented iMachining – the revolutionary CAD/CAM solution for your CNC machining. See it in action!


Karsten271269 says:

nice work name of the song?

Meysam Ghorbani says:

/// Autodesk powermill (3 axis programming)
/// Autodesk powermill Lathe Mill (2 axis & Entry to Mill/Turn)
/// Autodesk powermill Advanced Mill (4&5 axis programming)
///Autodesk feature cam & Autodesk part maker training
/// powerMILL telegram channel :
/// email:

UP4 K says:


Sinan Deniz says:

which one is better ? solidcam or catia ?

Sinan Deniz says:

hi ,how  much does solidcam cost _? 🙂

shand seimela says:

im asking for JOB

mechanicalbu11 says:

Would be nice if you guys would make available a program for hobbyist, you might not have a big market doing this, but most of us hobbyist also work in manufacturing and in a way it would be a marketing tool to sell more professional copies of SolidCam.

Call it SolidNC for Hobbyist. Folks are building CNC machines and 3D printers, this trend is growing. think about it, a future market that SolidCam could have dominance in. $600 Bucks for a low end NC generating program package with software to control the machine, Mach 3, 4 are the one's providing motion control software for this market but they lack imagination in my opinion. Just think about it.

Pedro Ruiz says:

I like the song. which is the title of the song?

Ron Davis says:

SolidCAM reseller for South Africa 082 306 9959
• Increased Productivity due to shorter cycles – time savings 70% and more!
• Dramatically Increased tool life
• Unmatched hard material machining
• Outstanding small tool performance
• 4-axis and Mill-Turn iMachining
• Automatic, optimal feeds and speeds
• High programming productivity
• Shortest learning curve in the Industry

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