Setting up Blender for 3D printing

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Blender isn’t as hard as some people think it is. It just has an odd default setting, but you can change that and fix everything.

For more information about fixing the export setting check the Blender bug tracker here:

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SongForYall says:

This isn't how to setup blender for 3D printing. Its just general blender knowledge. Screw it I'll just read the documentation.

Mr. guakacado says:

I got used to selecting with right. ^_^

Anthony Morford says:

Insurmountable, lol. Well, when you put it like that, it might get a bad rap.

Zim Tage says:

Blender is the best bang for the buck

zaq Zaq says:

wtf???!!!! cambiar de lugar los botones del mouse?? para eso es todo este video??

InteractiveDNA - Tutorials 4 Life & Smart Drones says:

The only thing good about blender is liquid/dynamics. Everything else is just a mess! Until they clean up everything this FREE software is a nightmare to use and create anything with. Just horrible for beginners!

iHelloway says:

u really tied a knot there .. drums

Atomkey Sinclair says:

The RIGHT mouse button is used for strain relief in regards to carpal tunnel – the intention to spread out the use of your hand over all the buttons as possible.

myTEDpin says:

Nicely done video. You show the problem first (exporting problem in stl), then show the solution (click selection only. Love the way you presented this video.

TheTron08 says:

I almost wish right-click for select would have been a software convention in other productivity software. I mean you lose the context menu but you also eliminate the need for a dedicated tool just for "selecting" that programs like Photoshop and SketchUp have.

fragelius says:


Andreas Klostermann says:

A little recommendation for screencasts: In the user preference you can set the interface "scale" to increase the size of the UI, especially the font size. This means you can fit less on your screen, but the upside is, that viewers can see and read everything you do a lot better, without having to open your video in fullscreen mode.

wordreet says:

Thanx for the info Joe, I shall use Blender, though at the moment, I'm one of those who've bought a 3D printer without any knowledge of CAD. Hehe, but my bro is a graphic artist and is going to help me with some of the learning process.

Kevin Toppenberg says:

I have Blender 2.78. I change to select with left mouse button. Suddenly I couldn't select at all. Apparently this conflicts with some other setting. So I had to change it back to right mouse button. Oh well…

Galvanized Dreamer says:

>More comprehensible
For complete newbies in their late twenties, yes. But if you are under that age, just learn RMB. All you are doing by not, is using a crutch due to lack of mental elasticity. Learn to learn, don't force things to conform to you when you have no experience; customize and change things around after you have spent a few dozen hours in the program.

Fran├žois-Xavier MOUTON-BRUNA says:

I agree so much with you on that program. I love it. I need to find your book!

Waldemar Wolter says:

I fucking loved that intro! "I use left click, deal with it!"

IndianSynthGod says:

Thanks for the help.

Tutogram Tutoriales says:

jajajaj Really good.

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