Revit VS ArchiCAD – Which is Better?!?

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In this video I talk about the differences between Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit. I go over conceptual design structure and MEP options, visual styles, rendering interface, price and much more.
If you can’t make up your mind this is the video for you!

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Jelwan Jean-Pierre says:

I dropped archicad after Learning Revit in a proper way. Nowadays architects can’t work separately alone and the interoperability between all professional Entities is extremely important. Besides Archicad has some limits, by not having the full engine capacity to integrate a Massing modelling ( Morph Tools ) within the BIM culture. The model can look nice but the Plans are never reflecting the model and never updated. And for me this is a limit. While a massing in Revit can be easily be updated in the plans and sections. Anyway this a personal experience and i hope i am wrong. Thanks

Yazid Hamoda says:

Revit is total failure, nothing special in it with my respect for people who made it, when i was student the all says that i will not find work because i am using ArchiCAD then i am working in UAE, and my first work was in survey company and it worked too much better than AutoCAD and Revit the advantage of ArchiCAD is having alot of tools that can be used in different ways it gives you an opportunity for being creative.
Its very funny to see video like that after finding the real truth of Revit after graduation and work

Marian Sdraila says:

I can agree with a lot of the things that you said but saying that Revit is far superior than ArchiCAD is just not true.

MegaBorisV says:

Autodesk today have terrible interface, it's turn me from it to Arhicad. And I don't like updates (((

Dev Pateriya says:

archicad best

Ghostbits _97 says:

on archicad you have two instances to get the student license, when the free trial is over, you can ask for 1 year license, but when this year is over (or before is over), you can apply for a student license again, this time in think is unlimited (i got it since 2016, and have a friend that has use his license forfive years now)

Manolo Terranova says:

Archicad looks more intuitive, simple and for architects at my eyes. It works very well and does 2D and 3D at the same time.

Mohamed Khafaga says:

شكرا علي هذه الفديوهات الرائعه

narsimha murthy says:

if archicad is good then why Revit more in use..rare to see archicad users ?there are 336 companies are using Revit in Bangalore India.i have that data base.

Gabriel USE says:

I'm an architect and I can do math, that meme is just stupid. And I know engineers who can draw very well.

fusion BIM says:

Dude, I was excited to see a 2018 Revit VS ArchiCAD review video but you disappointed a lot of viewers I see by the comments.
I can not believe this video of your's are 2018. You continually make gross incorrect statements.
From start to finish it is clear that you just don't know what you are talking about. If you don't know, you should not even make a comparison video like this one.
– Error In your video at 3:10 ARCHICAD was able since ARCHICAD 11 in 2007 already to work with Multistory Hotlinked Modules. (you probably were still in school then)
I stopped listening at 7:05, it makes no sense to keep listening because you are not answering the question in the topic of your video.
I see in the comments that I am not the only person that has this response.
You should not waste your time on things you know nothing about. If you want to do head-to-head reviews you should do some homework first.
There is a wide community that will happily show and teach you what you don't know.
This could help you to get started:
Then come back and re-do this video, if you are interested to be fair and actually do a review and not a Revit sales video. Or simply change the video topic.

Tineris Erik says:

How much is archicad 22?

TheRodmens says:

price is described wrong, archicad pay once use forever, revit- annual licence payment, so revit is far more expensive.

Mário Amândio says:

I've used ARCHICAD and REVIT Both are great, but as an architect I don't feel Revit is good for design, it's not graphically attractive, When I used to work with REVIT my workflow always started on AutoCAD cuz I feel more comfortable and precise on it, after that I go to SketchUp and when I get everything together I go to Revit for DD and so on, but with Archicad, my workflow is less time-consuming cuz I don't need to use SketchUp nor Autocad to design, I do start everything on Archicad it's more pleasurable and very AutoCAD like. At end of the day learn both and see which of them fits on your workflow.

w wyborn says:

im a revit fanboy as well , i have worked on revit from university days up until now and i wont be leaving it anytime soon , but even i cant argue that archi cad destroys revit in pretty much everything , if youre an architect who wants to design then you should most definitely go to archicad , revit is more oriented towards drafting really


I do not understand what you are talking about, apparently you have been working in the archicade for a long time or you know him badly. Well, or sell revit

Sungmoon Cho says:

Hey guys. This video does not show deep understanding of Revit. Archicad Neither. This vide just trigger quarrel not argument.  Both have their own advantage and disadvantage. It's just difference and it's just matter of preference. It's not about which one is better. Do not care about this kind of videos. One more thing!. BIM is still just idea and not real. There are still long way to go.

Farid Mahmudov says:

It looks like ArchiCad is better but less popular software than Revit. I see Revit and Autocad in architecture job requirements much more than Archicad.

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