OnShape 3D Modeling Hinge Tutorial Exercise

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In this video I show you how to create a hinge using OnShape.
Visit http://onshapepro.com for a copy of the drawing used in this video.
Thanks for watching.


Rekt_Exclusive says:

thanks for the tutorial…very fun and very well done with logical and good instruction through each sequential step. Thanks!

busmerch99 katalog says:

thanks for the tutorial.. very helpfull..

Naveen kumar Mutthu says:

Doc… Can you plz assemble and disassemble once… I need to know how you do it…

Seb_G says:

Thank you very much for sharing.

maria chan says:

thank u soo much for this. also how can u easily move your object around for a better look. you make it look so easy to move around. please help haha thanks

Eugene Brown says:

you really should be doing more of these videos!! However I appreciate the fact you took the time to do this one.

Math Tousignant says:

where did u get the plan ?

mredwards1b says:

Awesome tutorial! T H A N K Y O U!

TheYesnoyesnoyesno says:

A gem of a tutorial for an onshape newbie… thanks!

Omkar Ghodke says:

how to animate the movement? Can u make a small video of it too?

Jan P says:

If you do the fillets before the mirror, you only have to do one half and a couple ones where the cuts are on the other half.

Paul Wilson says:

Excellent job…. i usually can't sit through a tutorial to the end but yours was great man. No too fast not too slow… Perfect. Keep em coming! I love onshape!

123kkambiz says:

Excellent tutorial . Can you tell me how you  kept the design  pattern  on left side of the program. Thanks.

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