Modeling Complex Ductwork in ArchiCAD

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This tutorial covers two advanced techniques for modeling ductwork using ArchICAD’s MEP Routing tool. The first, using a morph polyline to create a guide path. The second, using other elements to snap to along a path. Enjoy! and please leave comments if you have any questions!

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Sea Isle Design Group, LLC says:

John, Excellent illustration of how to use the MEP Routing tool. I was wondering at the start how you managed to navigate so fluidly around the space. I too use a 3D Mouse. In fact, I have been using the 3D Connexions Space Mouse for several years and only recently upgraded to the Enterprise Version with CAD Mouse. For anyone who like the level of control and flexibility as you have illustrate here, you owe it yourself to check it out. It’s easier than ever to view your 3D models with SpaceMouse Enterprise’s 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor and instant access to Standard and Custom Views.

Rajul Gohil says:

Those who say archicad can't fight revit this is the proof they need

Studio 39 Design Studio says:

BIM is Great, ArchiCAD is King…

Alex Nader says:

Excellent tutorial, super clear and really useful the morph line technique! Thanks!

JC C says:

Excellent!!!How do you move in space? Are you using a 3d trackball or similar? Thanks

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