Microstation lecture 05 (CIE 101, Civil Engineering Graphics)

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Creating, manipulating, copying and modifiying basic elements. Use tilde, space bar, text tool, change text, copy, move, rotate, modify element, etc.


Jay Jay says:

If pressing the "~" keyboard on your laptop don't work, press the your space bar first (to change the "x and y" coordinates to "distance and angle", then press"~", it will work the second time.

WHY70122 says:

NVM, just watch that part 😀

WHY70122 says:

how do you choose multiple objects to mirror at the same time please?

Carlos Moreno says:

Excellent tutorial and resource. I really appreciate it..

zodei says:

@fuap this key "~" =)

veysel açıkel says:

Beyler türkçe klavye kullanıyorsanız tilde key AltGr+Ü sonrasında Boşluk.Canım çıktı amk bulana kadar.
For whome using turkish keybord,tilde key is  AltGr+Ü followed by space

mclick13 says:

Does anyone know why when you select text and underline it that the line is attached to the text. I have adjusted text style and selected underline and added an offset but the line stays attached no matter what value I place in there.

gorospakabum says:

@L8kersRule which words??? the ñ character has it's own key if that's what you're talking about… You can try to point out the tilde though: comtecknet . com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/teclado1.png

I did figure out another way to do it but I can't remember anymore, so it can be done. For anyone with the same problem just look around and sooner or later you'll find it

Texas Cowboy says:

Captnwill, thanks a lot for your great microstation tutorials. Excellent work.

Texas Cowboy says:

@gorospakabum If your keyboard is in Spanish then the tilde is there. You can't type a lot of Spanish words without the tilde.

gorospakabum says:

Is there a different way to use the tilde key? My keyboard is spanish and i do not have that one.

Great lectures by the way! Clear, detailed and easy going

captnwill says:

It's the "tilde" key ( ~ ), usually located at the upper left of the keyboard, left of the number 1. You're welcome!

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