Microstation lecture 04 (CIE 101, Civil Engineering Graphics)

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Creating a custom seed file, entering dimensional units in feet and inches, keyboard shortcuts.


squee222 says:

thank you for these videos.

Uno Fuentes says:

hey everyone… i need this stuff but i dont know how to download this freely. Anyone has an ideas on how to download this.?

Jacob Myers says:

These are some great tutorials! Very useful information for AutoCAD techs needed to learn MicroStations. The commercials are amazing as well!

Bijan Designs Inc. says:

Thanks for all the videos. Very helpful. 🙂

ianw1080 says:

the dump truck is beyond sweet

Germain Robin says:

Excellent I haven't used Microstation for years, I learned CAD on Microstation 2.0, and used it up to 7. Good improvement, great teaching methodology…. Thanks…

George Spartacus says:

thanks for these captain will.  helpful.  love the flashback to the job sites.

Faouweb Faouweb says:

Thank you captnwill 😉

Yasmin Ara says:

Thank you so much for the help! This is really helping me with work! Also, you're too funny with the equipment photos haha.

Videos says:

Thank you Captnwill

Isaac Perez says:

I want a dump truck like that one!

highstrengthconcrete says:

Thank you sir, these are very good tutorials. btw, that dump truck looks awesome

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