Microstation lecture 03 (CIE 101, Civil Engineering Graphics)

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A short demo from a new file, simple drawing and printing, including print to a pdf file.


Henry Hodges says:

cad monster haha

ryan pohl says:

You lost me at the O key it always starts the circle at the corner i clicked

Angel says:

Here's another correction for those confused.
Y (-12)  X (-12).
Negative 12 for both X and Y.
And he selected 16 Diameter.

Angel says:

Never mind I figured it out on my own. Here's how.
Settings > AccuDraw > Coordinates, Change TYPE from polar to rectangular. Done

Angel says:

How do you get the x and y instead of distance and angle?

ohbrother24 says:

These are SO helpful. I'm enjoying your manner of delivery: practical and just my speed.

yenchan says:

Thank you! 🙂

lidoz says:

My accudraw shows distance and angle instead of X and Y… Maybe in the next clips you will explain it but so far you have done a great deal of help! thanks you!

mozgojad75 says:

very helpful lessons – need to learn Microstation as still many companies requires it..

Thank you!

captnwill says:

Not sure what your question is… you tentative click (both mouse buttons by default) on the corner, hit O for Origin, type 12, tab key and 12. Make sure accudraw is on first though.

Manuel Mejias says:

How do you put the circle in that distance?
I mean.12 and 12..

zeeek55 says:

good i want study this program

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