Microstation lecture 02 (CIE 101, Civil Engineering Graphics)

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Controlling drawing precision with grids, establishing units, save settings and snaps


Matdogg2k says:

How can I get a girl to like me?

Cristiano Pignatelli says:

how can i activate the tool "orto" like autocad?

Cristiano Pignatelli says:

how can i do appear the X and Y where I insert the distance of line?

petloalmighty says:

Great tutorial thanks a lot !!!

Matt Heinrich says:

Used Microstation in Uni a few years ago.  Haven't used it since and now looking for an engineering job.  Good to be reminded how it works.  Thanks

vikas chauhan says:

Can,t expect a much better tutorial then this.Thank you

cosmicbutthairs says:

Ah ok that's to pan, just wondering if there's a quicker way to get the snaps. I tried a few keys and it seems to work but no all of them

captnwill says:

Try holding down the shift key and data (left clicking), then drag to pan…

cosmicbutthairs says:

hey Captn, I'm coming from an AutoCAD background and I was wondering if there's an equivalent of MBUTTONPAN in Microstation. I don't like point and clicking.

Saeed Attaky says:

thank you captnwill …. from Egypt

yenchan says:

thank you sir! 🙂

captnwill says:

MrYoungjedi, you need to turn Accudraw on. Settings – design file – working units to set up your units too.

edwin julius says:

captnwill my x and y at the lower center is not showing, how do i activate it. please help, and when i enter a value in meters when i hit apostrophe a colon is showing instead. please help. thanks 🙁

captnwill says:

Someday maybe we'll all use SI units exclusively… Until then we may have to deal with feet, inches, and fractions of inches, as is common in the US building industry. Draw in any units you prefer, and let the software do the conversion.

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