Microstation lecture 01 (CIE 101, Civil Engineering Graphics)

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Getting started


Rhin O says:

relearning this after 3 years of Autocad usage. Thanks

Caleb Pitts says:

Ah! Check this out!

Dan Val says:

AutoCAD still the best in Drafting, Microstation is about clicking which will be time consuming, unlike AutoCAD you can type which is faster

David P says:

Terrible video. just randomly wandering around the program with no direction. "ummm… let's see. Oh ya, you can do this too."

Legion Slots says:

who here cause they have an interview soon and require to know microstation

Steven Fisher says:

I like this instructor. I'm using AC Civil3d/Inventor/Standard, but new company uses Micro.. this is very very helpful. Thank you!

Maynard G. Krebbs says:

This tutorial is for microstation V8i, which is good, the last release until they changed the "ribbons" style menu (Microsoft) which I think is bad. Ribbons lack a lot in the menus.

Michiel Wouters says:

Thank you very much for these tutorials! It helped me a lot when I applied for a job, which I now got :v

Cruising Cumbria says:

ha ha. The Komatsu interlude had me in stitches. Great tutorial. Thanks!

Ryan Thack says:

Ah check this out the worlds largest bulldozer D575A-3 SD…
Haha I like your style

Josh Hurrell says:

woooh that was a nice bulldozer

agus didin says:

maybe for 3d design this program is good, but if you just creating a 2d design; this program just make you desperate…
too many command to do a little thing such as make a dimension leader.
well, correct me if i'm wrong… 🙂

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