MasterTemplate – The Office Standard for ARCHICAD

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In-depth 2 hour presentation shows how MasterTemplate 22 incorporates best practices methods into the ARCHICAD file structure to speed up project delivery while improving quality and consistency.

Totally overhauled and optimized for ARCHICAD 22.


Ezaz Fatemi says:

"SEPAS" (It is a Persian word and means THANKS). Thank you dear Eric, I follow all of your tutorials; They are perfect.

Sea Isle Design Group, LLC says:

Eric, what you have done in AMT22 to take full advantage of Archicad 22's powerful features is second to none. Regardless of one's skill level, investing in your work and Coaching Call program is money well spent. I learn something new every time I watch your work – and I often watch them more than once. Like a good movie, you always pickup something new each time. Thank you for your dedication and passion for Archicad and the skills you share with the Archicad community.

طاهر احمد says:

Thanks Eric Sir… God bless you always….

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