Makerspace Tutorials – Tinkercad Advanced Tricks 1

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Tinkercad is so easy to use that it doesn’t require a beginner’s video, but here’s a video of some advanced tricks you could do to take your Tinkercad game to the next level. This video I go over a couple of different tricks that I use on a regular basis including:
* Object parameters
* Duplicate Tool
* Workplane
* Typing your Transformations
* Shape Generators

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Doctor Nguyen says:

Is it possible resize the Cube overall dimensions WITHOUT changing the dimension of the hole you created in the center? Keeping the hole diameter the same, not change it proportionately with the shift key!

Simon Barnsley says:

5.54 Bless you!

Gary Parkin says:

I just ordered my 3D printer and found this video. Thanks for taking the time, I'll be checking this out soon.

Random Acts of Cooking says:

Older vid but I gotta say this helped me. Keep 'em coming. Thanks much.

createinspain says:

It's 3 am, the wind is howling, so here I am watching Tinkercad videos…:) A couple of bits in there I hadn't realised yet, so thanks!

Colin Dempsey says:

Thanks, very concise and useful video. Anymore for the future?


doing a school project and this really helped thank you for the tips

Tobias Schindler says:

how can you favorize shapes? i dont have this "star" to save it

Genevieve DuFour Allen says:

Fantastic tips! Thank you.

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