Let’s Learn: FreeCAD under 1hr [1] – Basic Sketching and Constaints

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Learning how to use FreeCAD to make some basic models, tried to make a model under one hour ( I’m sure many people can probably do it faster )

FreeCAD is a great program that runs on linux and so gets my support, it is also incredibly fast and does not have the same bloated features of many other software programs out there ( which is both good and bad )

This video just has me making a sketch and setting constraints, next video I plan to “extrude” it and do some rounding.

If I’m doing it wrong or you think you have an idea on what to do, feel free to shoot a comment. Liking the video doesn’t hurt either



pieter cloete says:

That audio background is sooooo bad.

Keith Roberts says:

Good tut, very poor audio mate.

theothertroll says:

speak up fucker ~

Julio Cesar Rodriguez says:

Dude, you are terrible, talk way too much and don't stop moving the mouse pointer, delete this video is super annoying.

Joel Becker says:

did I see a FreeCAT at the beginning?

Mike Blackford says:

this is one of them watch and learn vids. no need to listen. lol

Abe Anderson says:

Run it through a noise filter in post or enable the real-time hardware one in your soundcard.

MarkTheMorose says:

Pardon? Shame, a potentially instructional video but for the audio. Any chance you do overdub the commentary, somewhere away from a waterfall? :

Steve Garcia says:

This guy is Totally self-taught, and it shows. And he admits it. But he is not a clear thinker and could have done a lot of this far more quickly and directly. But watching him wander and in some cases blunder was instructive. I've done some SolidWorks, so I wanted to see the similarities and where things are. He helped, but he's not so good at it.

Vito Denora says:

what is the name of image viewer software that do you use always on top, to fix the draw that you are copying? Thanks

Nathan Darker says:

I just want to know how to make a cube or someting. Like… 2 second explanation.

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