Learn FreeCAD: #1 Introduction – Tutorial

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This video is the introduction to a tutorial series about how to use FreeCAD. FreeCAD is completely free and can be used for commercial use.

I am using FreeCAD version 0.17.


Steve Html says:

Thanks , just installed FC , Completely NEW so this was an eye opener ( & painless ) Thank you

mweverett says:

You do need to always tag your vids with which version you are on as they change. And you might have to a differences video now and then so your videos don't go obsolete. And at least filer and level your audio in your video edit package.

FreeSoftware says:

Can someone explain to me why we have to create a body in the first place? Why can a 2D sketch being extruded, not become a body automatically ? Thanks.

FuchsDanin says:

Gonna have to agree with others – get a new mic. Actually, first – learn what clipping is, and how to avoid it, seriously this is actually painful for people with sensitive hearing. Second, turn down your gain, the background fuzz is almost as clear as your voice. Watch your plosives, or get a pop filter, the PFF with certain syllables is horrible. I want to learn FreeCAD, and your tutorial was off to a great start (~3min in, playing at 1.5x I gave up) but I cannot bring myself to listen any longer. Fix your mic, you'll probably get ten times as many positive interactions and more subs.

PS – if you can't get a new mic, like I said, limit your clipping and fix your gain. There are plenty of Youtube videos on it – hint, if their audio sounds like yours, don't listen to what they say.

SineEyed 2020 says:

You breathe a lot..

8yerbrain says:

Helpful. Thank you for sharing!

Chris L says:

When I click the sketch button, all I get are a set of axes and all I get under the tasks tab are a couple suggestions, not the entire window of stuff. I'm also using 0.17, but a lot of this stuff doesn't look the same.

Henry Fitzthum says:

Hi Chris are you going to do a tutorial on path?

Icey Junior says:

Is unstable right? Mine keeps crash

The Old Apprentice says:

Thanks Chris, that the clearest introduction to FreeCAD for a newbie like me that I have found. It would find it helpful if you could tell us what you are going to do with the mouse, it is sometimes hard to follow the pointer; find myself rewinding to see what you have done. Looking forward to trying this out and to your future tutorials.

Travis Madison says:

Great job, very informative. I've never used any type of CAD before and Im thrown into this for my work so these tutorials are very helpful. Thanks!

Ryan Barry says:

Thank you Chris.

Teuton Man says:

Thanks Chris. Looking forward to some more videos for noobs like me. BTW nothing wrong with your mic.

Mickleblade says:

just a bit of feedback, get a new mic! seriously.

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