Kurbelgehaeuse – Crankcase – Nanocad Pro Training – Part Design

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Nanocad Pro features 3d tools which look very similar to the inventor tools.One exercise which I do always as one of my first in any program. Enjoy!

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Scato says:

Hi everyone. Thanks for tutorial Wolfang. Is there in Nanocad o command like Slice in Autocad? It would be so useful for modelling…..

Floyd Chandler says:

Nice video, Wolfgang. Being new to nanoCAD, I'm finding not much in terms of tutorials here to help me dig in and get the true feel of what it has to offer. For example, in this video you talk your way through steps you're taking. In doing that, I was able to pick up, after you selected an entity to be moved, on your use of ctrl + right click to bring up a sub-menu of snap-to points. That's useful to me. I find all too often that the video makers take for granted that everyone is on equal footing in the use of a tool and forget the usefulness of the little things like this. As a suggestion for future videos on nanoCAD, I'd like to suggest a few on Tips and Tricks. While bringing up that sub-menu might not be a "trick", I haven't seen anyone here use it, nor have I read abt it in the Help File. Superb videos. Thank you.

Jalal Aljabry says:

thanks but please you can give me simulation on catia v5

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