Kinematics with MicroStation

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Complete Kinematics course made in MicroStation

In this video the definition of a mechanism is explained starting from its essential components — Links and Pairs. An animated example of a rotary engine is given at the end.
0:33 What is a rigid body?
1:04 Drag to observe the motion the joints permit
1:30 Moveable assembly forming a Mechanism
1:53 Immovable assembly forming a Structure
2:17 Terminology — Links
2:25 Terminology — Kinematic Pairs
2:58 ANIMATION — Rotary Engine
3:00 Mechanism as a means of transmitting and modifying Forces
3:25 Mechanism as a means of transmitting and modifying MOTION
3:50 Summarizing the definition ; for deeper, intuitive learning without abstract formality and dry rigor for its own sake.


Hemant Sharma says:

Learn all important formulas with examples

Wade Carr says:

Can you do a video on how to get a mechanics to move in a "pinned" manner like you show here using Microstation?

Rondeep Bora says:

I come here when I'm bored in life! Thanks a lot!

Royal Mech says:

This video is very nice and easy understand .thank you sir

sankalp sharma says:

thanx a lot from the core of heart


all these videos are just awesome. well done sir.

Zijian Zhang says:

what software is this? Looks helpful to study mechanism

Fr1sen0 says:

Thanks. Reviewing for a test and found your channel.

Akhil Kothakota says:

nice animation sir

Joshi Kallan says:

Awesome work sir, the concept is very clear, no teacher can give this much clear view

Badal Singh says:

Hello Sir, can you give an example for superstructure?

Ashok Tudu says:

sir very nicely explained.

Rayan Pande says:

A perfect guide and tool for every TOM teacher!!

Rohit Mehta says:

sir u are doing a good deed and I m going to watch all 52 videos on kinematics but if possible kindly provide more questions for practice

rajeev upadhyay says:

sir it's an awesome work done by you..alot of thanks
sir if possible please provide us much more videos on other subject.

banti kumar says:

a lot of thanks sir.thanks very very much

kishan fuse says:

This are really excellent tutorials. Thanks for this sir.

Salahiddin Abuselmiya says:

very good job sir. I hope that you may make a tutorial  about this software (microstation ) so I can help others like you

Yacine Bougrinat says:

Thank you so much for the course I was looking for something like that since months

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