Kinematics with MicroStation Ch06O Epicyclic Gear Trains

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This video introduces the concept of epicyclic gear trains, how dramatically they differ and their degree of freedom using animation. Its application and benefit in gear boxes and a schematic representation is also presented.

0:17 How are they different from simple gear trains?
0:30 Demonstration using two identical coins
1:17 ANIMATION of the rolling coin trick
1:50 Conclusion!
2:02 Replacing coins with gears
2:10 Planet and sun gears
2:19 Generalizations
2:32 Arm and annulus or ring gear
2:57 Degree of Freedom
3:10 ANIMATION like a simple gear train with arm fixed
3:32 ANIMATION motion of arm added
3:46 Advantage of more DoFs — Gear Box!
4:36 Schematic representation
4:56 Calculation of number of teeth using the schematic

Complete Kinematics course made in MicroStation ; for deeper, intuitive learning without abstract formality and dry rigor for its own sake.


Thomas Jimenez says:

I cannot find these courses on the bentley website

Saurabh Seth says:

Good effort. Thanks for good explaination.

Harini Sarvani Cheruvu says:

very helpful video sir! pls find time and make a video on differential operation for us…

Rahul Kant Thakur says:

Very helpful video it is…………..Sir,How to draw skeleton of epicyclic gear train…….

Abhishek Srivastava says:

Sir,If a gear is fixed and we rotate a gear say A in clockwise direction then will the direction of rotation of fixed gear will be the same as A ?

Tanmay Thakur says:

Hi nice video sir.
I would like to know more about epicyclic gears. especially formule.
Can u make one more in depth video or send me link of the study material regrading this topic.

Mech E says:

How does area under load curve represents work done?
Can you please answer this Ujwal sir??
I have plotted some values of Force and Displacement on a graph.
I calculated the work done using formula W= Force X displacement.
Then i calculated area under work done.But my answer is not matching.
Can you please tell me the exact proof Sir.

Mayur Choudhari says:

mech rules.. i can study while on fb now
great vid sir… respect

Elysia Jacobs says:

Love! We also make videos at ridiculous prices at animatemybusiness com

DEXTER says:

nice animation of epicylclic train gear i have to study that and do numericals also i have this subject of kom kinematics of machine (mdu )

UjjwalRane says:

@Anosh King It is always fulfilling to read that these are making a difference in some small way. Thanks for letting me know it helped! Wish you the best of success in the rest of the subjects too.

Anosh King says:

thank u for uploading sir,without u it s impossible me to get pass in kom,and again thanks sir….

UjjwalRane says:

@halfamazing it can be anything number of teeth or diameter or radius. The relationship will still hold good. (Can you think of why? And that will also tell you how to violate it!) The important thing is to be consistent! You cannot mix them. Anyway, in this case we are talking in terms of number of teeth.

halfamazing says:

2 compound planet gear?one with r=16 ,another iwth r-36?

halfamazing says:

Thanks a lot sir for your video.At the last part of your video,the value of 40 is the diameter or number of teeth of the sun gear?

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