Kinematics with MicroStation – Ch01 H Slider Crank Inversion III

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In this video the third inversion of slider crank mechanism is derived schematically. Its motion is explained using a more physical representation. Links are added to make a quick return mechanism. Two of its applications — Slotted Lever Quick Return Mechanism and Oscillating Cylinder Engine are shown in 3D animations.

0:28 Derivation from basic slider crank
0:44 Schematic
0:50 Input-Output relation
1:05 Physical Form & motion
1:35 Adding links to move a tool
2:05 Quick Return characteristics
2:20 Extreme positions
3:25 ANIMATION — Slotted Lever QR Mechanism
4:15 ANIMATION — Oscillating Cylinder Engine

Complete Kinematics course made in MicroStation ; for deeper, intuitive learning without abstract formality and dry rigor for its own sake.



Harold Tamayo says:

A very helpful video for the beginners like me. God bless you sir..Thank you

Krishna vardhan chary says:

I love u sir, your videos helped me a lot for preparing GATE….Thank you very much sir…

อารยะ เฮงเจริญ says:

what  program ??

Santbir Ladhar says:

Sir i am confused
In slider crank mechanism, BC is between crank & piston but in slider crank mechanism in motion , BC is not joint with piston??? This look more like 2nd inversion

Kever1835 says:

Thank you so much for explaining this in such a clear way! Great animations and good clear talking. Thanks again sir 🙂

mohd shaath says:

what is this application ur using DR ?

mohd shaath says:

great teacher indeed keep up the good work

Sharfaraz Shaik says:

very useful to me.Thanks.

macaron glouton says:

Bonjour de france, thank you sir for your works, very nice.

Ashok Tudu says:

thank you sir…very nice explanation.

ANOOP V.R says:

thank u sir


Now i understand the concept of this mechanism easily.
Thank you sir.

do or die says:

amazing videos sir..thanxx for uploading…

Rahul Kant Thakur says:

Sir,I am facing problem in "inversion of 3r-1p"mechanism….I have followed lecture of IIT Kanpur,bt some problem is still there.During inversion of 3r-1p it represent bicycle foot pump,hand pump etc.
      Your videos are really conceptual.

Osama Saleh says:

How to get the programme

Salahiddin Abuselmiya says:

I need the name of the software and were I can find it ‏

ram kumar says:

short and crisp.they way it must be . thank you

Big Boss says:

I'm confused. If BC is fixed and C is connected to the slider, shouldn't the slider only be able to oscillate while fixed to one point?

siddharth saikia says:

very useful….conceptual video

UjjwalRane says:

@Amogh Jadhav Glad to hear you feel that way Amogh 🙂 But nothing we learn goes waste and life often amazes us with opportunities to apply it. I wish you one soon.
Take care

Amogh Jadhav says:

We were having a project on kinematic link , if i had seen ur videos earlier i would possibly made a better project than now.

UjjwalRane says:

@nebin oommen koshy oommen koshy Glad to hear that! Thanks for watching and sending in the feedback. Hope you'll find the rest of the course interesting too.

UjjwalRane says:

@nebin oommen koshy oommen koshy Glad it was helpful to you! Thanks for watching and sending in your feedback. Hope you like the rest of the course too. . .

nebin oommen koshy says:

really helpful….thanks

UjjwalRane says:

@Sudersan Sridhar The pleasure is all mine 🙂 Thanks for watching.

Sudersan Sridhar says:

Thanks a lot…..

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