Kinematics with MicroStation Ch 07a Cams Concept & Types

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This video develops the idea of Cams as a means of achieving a given displacement v/s time function. Evolution of different types is presented in animated form starting from the basic plate cam to achieve acceleration greater than gravity, compactness etc.

0:11 Motivation
0:48 What do we achieve with Cams?
1:09 Basic Idea
1:30 Physical embodiment of Displacement — Time graph
1:55 Animation
2:15 Wedge Cam
2:25 Problem in high speed machines
3:00 Solution: Plate Cam
3:20 Disc Cam: for compactness and continuous operation
3:55 Cylindrical Cam: High speed + Compactness
4:15 Velocity and Acceleration

Complete Kinematics course made in MicroStation ; for deeper, intuitive learning without abstract formality and dry rigor for its own sake.


rahul srivastava says:

sir…,is there any video of yours for tangent cam??

Tejas Bamnote says:

sir can we use yoke type cam follower in cylindrical cam at high speed means around 1000-1100 rpm.
sir i'll need your more help related to same topic, so if u can give your mail id it would be really great.

Subin Nair says:

great video sir !..d concepts wer nicely explained which is rare thing 2 find upload more videos

Amey Vedpathak says:

Awesome video sir….your videos really help in clearing the concepts.


Sir from where you did you learn this unique and excellent way of teaching?

akshay prasad says:

hats off. great work from the professor, made very easy to understand. and he has excellent indian accent. thanQ very much sir.

Dhananjay Yeole says:

Nice video thank you sir

chrisjhart221138 says:

Great video! You are a very good teacher 🙂

Ашот Симонян says:

Very Good !

hitechhu mehta says:

really amazing

Anijth Kumar says:

Thank you for uploading such an amazing series of videos. It really helped 🙂
sir can you explain how the cam pair has 2 degrees of freedom graphically? and if possible other examples which have 2 degrees of freedom. It really is a pain just to memorize it. 

Иван Петрович says:

Does the program allows you to interactively modify the length of rod mechanism and show a new path and recalculate the velocity of a point in real time?

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