Introduction to tutorials Drawing 2D House Plans with TurboCAD Deluxe.

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This is an introduction to six TurboCAD training films showing how to draw 2D house plans. There is a short intro then the first of the six films which can be bought from, look under training.
To buy follow the link.

TurboCAD Training Exercises


B Cain says:

TurboCAD offers a low cost 2D package called TurboCAD Designer 2018. I'm interested in doing exactly what you show in this video. Would your training videos work on Designer 2018? Also, I notice you training videos are priced in UK Pounds. Do you have a US price?

ѕímσn hσllαnd says:

Hi – Can you tell me long the video course is for drawing 2D house plans in total? Thanks

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