Introduction to three 3D Mechanical drawing tutorials using TurboCAD Pro Platinum

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Three tutorials divided up into three films each showing how to use TurboCAD Pro Platinum to draw mechanical components. All nine films are available at


The lakkars says:

hey how do i find the part 2 of this video

superemposed says:

Is it possible to loft between two cross sections with TurboCad pro, as an example, drawing a wheel spoke in 3D?

SuperMagnetMan says:

I have version 9 of this terrible software and I was able to eventually figure out workarounds to its many bad design issues. BUT the real issue came up when I merely upgraded my Apple OS to version 10.13.1 and the software stopped working. Just like Ransomware – it demanded a $300 upgrade because of their horrible policies in the company. None of my previous turboCad files can be even accessed because of this. I sincerely hope this company goes out of business. The main software issue (among countless others) was that the PDF export function does not work – the image it exports is not even closely related to what you have on the screen. Then I had to always move the image to my 30 inch monitor and then stretch it and do a screen capture. THen I have to take the screen capture to photoshop and edit it and make the line weights heavy enough to see and add any dimensions or notes and THEN save from photoshop as a PDF. Horrible program and the company is run by even worse management.

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