Introducing CineRender in ARCHICAD

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ecks di says:

They should get Sketchup to add a rendering option.

ali habab says:

شغل نظيييف … وأخيرا ولاول مره يستطيع المصمم الاظهار المعماري الاحترافي من نفس البرنامج دون الحاجة الى برامج أخرى .. آه يا ذكرياتك يا Archicad !

Riccardo Masin says:

carino….anche ARCHLine ha una funzione analoga.. 

Jackiew says:

Archicad did steroids, Awesome!

FixXxeRArM says:

I'm very glad to see those huge improvements in my beloved 3D soft. I start use ArchiCad since 8 version. The new render looks brilliant, and I can't wait when I finally start use new version! Thanks to GRAPHISOFT for cinerender engine.

Hazary Nic says:

The very reason to upgrade is this. Well done Graphisoft. The interface is crying for a redesign though

Labinot Hasani says:

Amazing, finally ArchiCAD built-in renderer is superior to all old renderer's

Obinna Omego says:

wonderful archicad wonderful

the Nomad Architect says:

AMAZING! can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox!

Narin Thakore says:

Exited !!!!

Luigi Edson Rivera García says:

Ya decía yo que estaba en lo correcto.Por muchos años defendí Cinema 4d y ArchiCAD como si fueran uno solo. Ahora veo que la espera valió la pena.

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