iMachining By SolidCAM. Amazing Machining (Steel)

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Whether you have an older machine or a state of the art modern machine, let iMachining pick the best tool path and generate the best cutting conditions for your parts. Using iMachining’s roughing, rest material, and finishing technologies, iMachining works efficiently and safely. Stop using calculators, books, and the keyboard to enter optimized speeds and feeds into your CAM system. Let iMachining develop cutting conditions based on your situation using it’s advanced algorithm. Contact SolidCAM to find out how easy it is to constantly increase your productivity on a daily basis with iMachining.


Nenad Ratic says:

I'm using this strategy in my shop but much slower . Thay do this to impress us , by video , but in real time and word you can not doing that all the time . I can just imagine the condition of this CNC machine if you will run like that for mabe 12-14 hours every day and like this a few years . Try and will see what will happen with machine . The optimum is in the middle . But using this strategy will save a lot of programming time and is very nice if you can find some good parametars to save your machine and decrease cycle time . And also depend of materials , what you machining . A 6-7 years ago I did machine a tons of Aluminum ( T-6061) and did use YG1 half inch 3 flute cutter and doing that with one cutter for a weeks some time even 3 month . Now I'm doing S7 ( tool steel) and that is totaly different world .

arati tanty says:

Konsa tool use hua he

arati tanty says:

mechining ka feed or rpm kitna he

gary larson says:

I would have plunge cut the ends and then finished the ends and sides

Pe os says:

Whats the name of this machine ? This accelerations are crazy

Miklós Makai says:

It's amazing!
Can you give me the technology parameters?
Which kind of machine, tool type, feeed rate etc.

Ba.Se. Ba.Se. says:

Welche Maschine ist das?
what Type of Maschine is it?

Michael W. says:

viele unnötige verfahrwege

Arthur Stacey says:

it was a good video but I'd like to see what your just milled out showing it's purpose

Tim Robertson says:

This type of tool path is not damaging machines. It just running them correctly and to the full capabilities.

Steven James says:

Is the perimeter being climb milled?

Matthew Falcon says:

sure that's cool and all, but what the finish look like, and how close tolerances?

J S says:

not real time
video was sped up

JbassPlayer28 says:

seems like all that jerk from the tiny xy moves when it gets into corners would cause extra wear on the machine. could be wrong but damn that is crazy to accelerate that much weight that quickly

Stoo H says:

looks incredible would love to see it live

Stoo H says:

does that not beat the shit of the ball screws running that machine like that?

capnthepeafarmer says:

Looks like someone needs to do a tap test. There is some chatter on the bottom edge of the cuts

martindude says:

I love Imachining! I have used it on a Haas VF2, working on some Impax supreme steel. With a 10mm endmill you can go full depth and just plow through! It is super impressive!

Mastor Lda says:

On this type of videos the machine info and tools should be present.

Vaibhav Saraswat says:

this cannot be real time

Shotgun Reloader says:

even if this machine had linear motors they are attached with screws and internal components so on this kind of machining will in no uncertain terms damage the machine over time. All materials have a fatigue limit why speed up its failure.

gmeast says:

Is this presented in real-time? If so, then I'm seeing servo reversal speeds like never before. I've never seen anything like this before and I've been around machine shops (including my own) for over 40 years. I'd like to see the servos and servo drive amplifiers for the machine used in this presentation. Either way … it's mesmerizing to watch. I've viewed it several times. Thanks for posting. gmeast 


I think this machine HAAS.

toshihiko kohara says:

I want the machine and the tools

Jure Vidmar says:

What kind of tools are used in iMachining ? Anyone know the manufacuters of the tools which are possible to get in Europe (Slovenia).  I tried with normal solid carbid endmills but it doesnt last for long.

Michał Gawron says:

So what's exactly wrong with the tool path?

chazcam says:

I'm giggling at the comments condemning this type of tool path as destructive and abusive to tooling. Really: the world really IS round! Give it a try with a quality tool and a quality machine. You might just learn something

Anthony Bolton says:

Milling mch on steroids

TheBk85 says:

Well if your company is ok with smoking 3 half inch endmills per part like these guys are doing then great. And dont try to say it was a finish tool cause thats bullsh*t. I saw the spark in the pocket.

cnccarving says:

stop using calculators and books….
start to make scrap…

that's what will happen.. we don't need undereducated slaves…

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