How to make a nut & bolt in Tinkercad

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This short video was created to demonstrate out how to make a nut and bolt for 3d printing using Tinkercad. The nut and bolt were printed and presented at Oxford Hackspace’s Designing for 3D Printing: Workshop #1.
The finished design of a 12mm nut and bolt has been shared to…


Don Vittorio DiMaggio says:

You look like a beginner

طه احمد مدني للروبوت says:

thank you very much you helped me to think good

il piccolo meccanico says:

hello and good you did a great tutorial, could you tell me the exact measures on the side of a dice? because when I go to draw a die, I always get a little longer on one side.

Matthew s says:

Why didn't you show a final printed product?

Icenesis Wayons says:

You had a bit of terminology wrong but you still got the point across to a point. You didn't show how to save your images while working on it if the power fails!

lifehackertips says:

3:30 are you teaching children?

David Behr's says:

I have a crazy question
Can I take a pic of a shape and move it over to this program and then adjust it?
Like a hook or a coat hanger?
Great video thanks for sharing this helps a lot!

vijaya mitrani says:

You noob bich

danijel124 says:

In fusion 360 creating a thread takes one click 😛

Joe Emenaker says:

"ISO" doesn't mean "isometric". It means "International Standards Organization", responsible for setting… well… international standards for things like… well… screw/nut sizes and pitches.

Markess A. Wilder says:

I think you gave it a good try. This actually did give me a general idea so thank you for the help, but I think you know by now you missed a few steps with this but thank you for this.

Jennifer Chin says:

sir can me ask??? is MM or CM??

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