Freehand sketching in Blender

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Freehand curve drawing, now included in Blender with 3D surface depth abilities.

Access with Shift-LMB.


sobreaver says:

Well thanks for recording ! XD

Jeremy Lowe says:

And yet you still can't sketch a shape and extrude it?

Laura Shepherd says:

I just can't take this work – when I draw new curve in edit mode it doesn't align to surface and seems to be placed at origin. Is this a user settings issue? Any tips anyone?

Greg Booker says:

Even-though you demonstrate the truly incredible features blender has, it just doesn't amount to anything if you cant do a simple sketch like in other 3D CAD programs. It's like you guys are so Bessy reaching for the stars that you can't understand a simple question. "How do you do a simple sketch?" You know; like in other 3D Programs to create 3D Models from? I can create models in other 3D CAD Applications all day long, but Blender; throws me right under the Bus! Even though it's Free, less is so much more. I would like to support blender financially, but; it's not worth my time or money to do so.

jgiuguigiugi giugugiuuig says:

This is good, but the drawn geometry will cut through the underlying object.
Is there a way to offset the beveled curve?

Johnø S says:

Looks cool but draw curve is greyed out any ideas??

Gauthier Kervyn says:

Does anybody have the stroke starting when entering the 3D view and not fitting the surface? A solution?

Frank Smith says:

Thanks for sharing, I can imagine using this method to draw a hair style on a character. =)

dougieladd says:

This is great thanks!…. QUESTION: how did you manage to draw multiple paths without having to click the draw button each time? (noob)

Tas Bot says:

I have version 2.78 of blender, and the option to do this, isn't available…

IiViIAY Lin says:

Thank you for Video! It wonderful tool.

But first time I've watch this video and follow.
I little confuse and cannot see the option tool tab!!

So I've try…
1.Add normal curve
2.Go to edit mode

and It' there! 😀

Danyl Bekhoucha says:

Hi, i don't know where to contact you because you aren't on Twitter. There is several awesome suggestions of modeling tools for Blender on right click select. One easy to integrate is an option for the decimate modifier to set the polycount in triangle instead of using a 0 to 1 ratio:

And the rework of the outset:

Thank you for your awesome work. i'll keep donating. 🙂

CrowJam says:

how come my curve draw tool is grayed out?

Alex MH says:

Jesus! Blender is just stupidly amazing and deep, All the more amazing considering that its free! any way, how the heck does the program and yourself know which direction the lines are going to go when drawing, i get the start point, but is it a slight randomisation as to where it goes on the Z axis? baffeled beyond belief!

Campbell Barton says:

To DCLHW11111: I accidentally removed the last comment while attempting to get rid of some helpful youtube popup, there is no way to undo, apologies and will reply if its re-posted. Sigh!

There is a bug report about depth-projection failing in some cases – see: If this isn't the same problem, best report a new bug.

thijs Hoefnagels says:

Thank you very much, most helpful.

neighbor lee says:

I have no 'curve' icon under properties ( not N panel). I also don't seem to be able to select my curve, so is there a point of no return , where an action can make the curve no longer selectable in order to make it into a mesh ?

Sam Dave Pollard says:

Cut it out guys – Blender's already more addictive than I need it to be. 🙂
Great job.

Rodger Davis says:


deepak p says:

Hi, what is the shortcut to select the draw curve tool. I have to go to the tool each time manually after each strokes i made.

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