FreeCAD Tutorial – Text ( Shapestring )

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A short walk-through of using the Shapestring tool to add three dimensional text to your design.


Luberth Dijkman says:

Thank you this helped me to get started with freecad and 3d printing

ThePropShoppe says:

I want to put numbers on a hemisphere (so it looks like a safe dial), how difficult is this?

Trish Groendyk says:

How do you select the box? I can only select the lines of the box.

altertalk says:

Paul, I followed these instructions with v0.16 and was able to get the string added to a part created in the "part design" desk. I had a couple of issues. First, the text was created upside down on the face of the shape I am creating. I finally found how to edit the orientation using Euler angles, and was able to get the text string raised appropriately. The second issue I encountered, but have not resolved is placing the same text on the opposite side of my part; I want the same label on opposite sides of a part. I tried the same rotations and changes in location to get the text string to the particular face I wanted, but after selecting the text in the "part design" desk, I could not get it raised without causing the rendering to crash and delete my entire part. I tried moving the drafting plane, but I could not get it to move. And in v0.16, I could not find the widget to switch to a "snap to point" option on the drafting grid. Any help would be appreciated, or direction to other videos to answer my questions.

bnijsten says:

where you get version 0.17 ?

John Waclawski says:

Paul…also, a little hint I just discovered. Not sure if you knew about it.
To hardcode the path for your fonts I went into the Preferences from the Draft workbench. Draft -> Text and dimensions. From there I put the path to my fonts in the "Default ShapeString font file" in the "ShapeString Settings" section.
So now when I get to that section to put the full path to font file, my path is already in there. I click the ellipse and BAM I'm put into that sub-folder.

John Waclawski says:

Paul…this looks pretty helpful, but for the life of me when I start a new document, I don't get the "Body" sub-group under "Unnamed". I'm still picking away at it but I think this is important for this to work, isn't it?

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