FreeCAD Tutorial Part 2: The Part Design Workbench

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Learn how to make complex objects from 2D sketches using the Part Design Workbench in FreeCAD.
Part 1: Part Workbench:
Part 3: Editing/Creating/Imporing Images:

Intro: 0.00
Exporting: 1:50
Importing: 2:45
Converting Meshes into Solids: 3:57
Intro to Part Design 5:44
Intro to Sketching 6:54
Sketch/Grid Controls: 8:00
Creating Sketch Elements: 10:22
Canceling Sketch Operations; 13:17
Deleting Sketch Elements: 13:48
Sketch Tools: 14:18
Arcl: 14:25
Circle: 15:37
Ellipse/Conic: 16:04
Polyline: 17:06
Rectangle: 17:56
Polygon: 18:04
Slot: 18:28
Fillet 19:15
Constraints: 19:55
Auto-Constraints: 21:15
Redundant Constraints: 21:45
Vertical/Horizontal: 22:58
Fixed Position: 23:32
Parallel: 26:24
Perpendicular: 27:52
Tangent: 28:29
Equality: 30:13
Symmetry: 32:01
Lock/Length Constraints: 34:06
Lock Point: 34:20
Horizontal Lock: 35:06
Vertical Lock: 36:09
Line&Vertex Lock: 37:02
Radial Lock: 38:01
Angle Lock: 39:07
Sketch Placement/Rotation: 30:14
Sketch Tips & Tricks: 42:33
Pads: 44:24
Revolutions: 46:31
Creating Multidimensional Objects with Sketches: 49:26
Sweeping & Wireframes: 50:16
Extracting Wireframes from Objects (Devolution): 52:32


Fabricio Ferrari says:

thank you very much for the effort to make this valuable material available to us beginners!!

andymouse123 says:

Please keep em coming !…….first time round gives you an overview ….second time you can chose a specific and I think then will always be a valuable reference tool………great tutorial

Robert Aaron says:

thanks, Rick, my headache went away

Randy Fleet says:

What did you leave out! I loaded up my FreeCAD step by step based on your video, but when it came to saving the design it only let's me save in HTML.

rupa russe says:

Rick, Do you have any video for how to "finish" or assemble an object made of multiple primitive objects for .stp export?


thank you for this tutorial.

Todd Sutton says:

Actually crude drawing. can enter any value to an item an actual dimension or just drag around which is not accurate.

Todd Sutton says:

trying it now, cant get it to draw in inch units even though selected. i dont do metric.

Otavio Augusto Laborda Fernandes says:

Wow! You are a master. Thanks for your lessons

a Boswell Inniss says:

Dues it have any Cursor > EXACT position tool; such as: drwng a line 2.92mm long?

I N says:

This is incredibly useful. No nonsense, straight to the point with clear explanations without skipping steps. Thank you!

Rene Gade says:

Hi Rick. I just tried to follow your tutorial but upon choosing Part Design I don't get most of wht you have on screen – grid, tools, combo box. Is it a setup / preferences thing? Cheers. PS where is the grid turn on feature?

Troy Denton says:

Great tutorial! Timeline references in the comments are an excellent resource

Tien C. Nguyen says:

Hi Rick, I have a rectangular surface with a line in the middle, now I want to extrude the line in the direction normal to the surface of the rectangle, to create another rectangle perpendicular to the first one. How would you do it? (I want zero thickness for the surfaces as I would be using them for importing to FEA software later)

Rob Harvey says:

Your Freecad tutorials are the clearest I've seen. Thanks for making these!

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