FreeCAD – Exploded Assembly + Hidden FreeCAD Gem

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This video is a walk-through of how to use the Exploded Assembly Workbench in FreeCAD. In this video I show a completed animation of a Mini-Kossel motor mount, and walk through the steps of multi-step Exploded Animation.

This workbench can be downloaded from:


吳國輝 says:

Thanks for great work. Is it possible to change the distance between the start and end position of an exploded object? And how?

Pankaj Ahuja says:

Thanks for the helpful Video !. Can the exploded animation do a rotate using a locked position like a hinge and a cover ?

R INYURU says:

Great video, how did you design the motor I viewed other video but none shows you designing the motor?

Herman de Jong says:

Your exploded-assembly vid got me really interested! I installed FC-0.17 and found how to use available macros to add workbenches and add-ons. I found Assemble2 and also Exploded-annimation, but no exploded-assembly so now I got too curious not to ask you how to get it.
My version nr is 13188 and I installed on a windows 7 64 bit system. Should I uninstall older versions? (0.16) or am I missing an item in the executed macro list? I did get some strange movement in Assembly2 but nothing useful. I use a bolt and nut from your example and some cubes but nothing really works.
I also wonder how you get the mouse-clicking options displayed in the lower right corner, or is that only available in LINUX?
I hope to do your examples with scripting and the Arduino box.
Hope you can help me with a few hints.
thanks, Herman

Wries EN says:

Wow. Such a helpful video. May i ask you if you are using some kind of transform plugin ? Because your transform dialog looks different than mine. And is there any option how to export my assembly animation as a video or a gif ? Thank you 🙂

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