FreeCAD – Basics – Using Sketcher Workbench Drawing Tools

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An Ad-Hoc Tutorial on the shape tools available in FreeCAD. From a newer users perspective.


Erick W says:

Excellent tutorial, one of the best I ever watched for Freecad. Thanks and keep it up.

free electron says:

Great tut on the very basics. Nice beginner friendly style – thanks!

Nate Kendall says:

Thank you. How do I import a jpg of drawing to trace?

Eveliina Hiltunen says:

If I want to decide what angle my fillet has, you should select the edge between two planar surfaces. In what workbench am I able to change the angle? Could you maybe post a video of this? Have tried to find this tool for quite long now, so it would be a major help!

TheDerekB13 says:

Hi, I would like to know how to make a polyline with many points all at specific x-y coordinates on x-y plane. Then I would like to make another 2 bsplines on x-z and y-z planes, after that I would like that the endpoints of the different lines on the 3 different planes are connected. How do I go about that? at the end of the day I want to make a specific surface. From the surface I want to make a thin solid surface that I can use on my 3d printer. Thanks

Dave M says:

Hi Paul, off the wall question what screen capture program are you using? And does it save in mp4 48khz audio?

Oscar D'Antona says:

excellent .. very simple and efficient

Cody A says:

Thanks a bunch! Major help for a noob like myself

Sotm says:

Where are you selecting that "Body" from??  I can't find such a thing in my Freecad!

Focus on Fun Games says:

For the life of me I can't figure out why I'm always getting "can't validate broken face." I've read on the forums, followed through on all my constrictions, used the macro… I'm going to try upgrading to 0.17 to see if maybe it's an editor bug.

Tony Van says:

What version are you using

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