FreeCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial 1: The Basics

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The basics of using FreeCAD 3D modeling software.

Part 2:

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Amipotsophspond says:

angle makes it half of circle if you type in 180 how is that not useful.

Aaron Wise says:

can i export 3d .Obj files and 3d animations with this tool to create 3d animations for my games and apply textures to the models?

Michael Saint says:

you not teaching your ???????? whatever please try again…..

Blondie SL says:

Thanks for the Tutorial. It got me started on how to use this software.

But I have to say, it's the most user UNfriendly CAD I've seen to date.

With EVERY other CAD(ish) software I use, you can use the mouse for many things, besides more friendly to move the plane around, you can select things, resize, rotate, etc. etc.

This FreeCAD thing, it seems you have to type numbers all the time.

I'm a lazy lout, so I find this software more irritating than helpful.

But your video was excellent. So thanks for that. 🙂

yian dev says:

terrible software fucking hate it..

hari kishan says:

blender is much better….

Rudy Rutenber says:

Obviously, you are not new to CAD 3D drawing but I am.  I'd like to see a video that shows a complete beginner how to make simple drawings.  Like a radio knob for example.Thanks for this video regardless.

dlwatib says:

Thumbs down for adding music. If I wanted to listen to music I'd play a music video. I hate hate hate straining to understand what someone is saying with music playing in the background. Why did you think you needed to do something that stupid in a tutorial video?

Cullen Hart says:

Arg, used two different mouses and neither one when "clicking on the scroll wheel" rotates the cylinder

Cullen Hart says:

Sloooooow down… having to rewind rewind rewind rewind. Go slow for us people with traumatic brain injuries please, you are teaching us not showing standing behind you how quickly you can assemble something

longbeachboy57 says:

What is the frickin point of making a part if one cannot select a surface and make sketch on it???

virondata says:

Great video. thank you so much for this 🙂 i do have a problem, when i push the middle button to rotate my view it zooms away from the object so fast i have to center-zoom back to the object. can i rotate in another way?

bug finder says:

Nice tutorials! I was having that scaling issue you talk about in your other video and it kept killing my part design…. but after watching all your videos I now know a lot more and I'm designing things with ease. You are awesome!!!!

Arthur Vieira says:

Is is possible to sketch out of surfaces like Solidworks? Otherwise it seems like a nightmare to make a complex part, if you need to calculate translation and rotation of bodies you want to compose into your piece.

Muhamad Iqbal says:

Does FreeCAD is real free lisence software??

Yesha Pabari says:

please make a complete tutorial of using freecad

Jeremey Weeks says:

First useful FreeCAD tutorial! Thanks!

Justin Lahmann says:

Every informative. Plan on majoring in manufacturing technology so this will definitely help me learn the basics.

M773 says:

power playground is nice, but i prefer kates playground

John Holmes says:

Like it, but yeah, you might want to slow down a bit for us complete noobs, the way you fly around the screen shows you definitely know your stuff, but it is hard to follow without pausing every 3 seconds which really messes with the flow of learning.

Rafał Petruczynik says:

Many thanks! It helped me to start.

Ass Möde says:

nice. I just want to make simple plans for my woodworking hobby but this will be cool once I get a CNC

Jacob Sebastian says:

1000th like

Ken Fullman says:

Every time you say "here" I look to see where your mouse cursor is, but by the time I find it, it's moved to somewhere else completely. So the majority of this "tutorial" was useless to me.

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