FreeCAD 0.17 basics: modelling a blower fan (Part Design and Assembly 3)

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In this video, we design a blower fan with 2 parts, using the Part Design workbench. I talk about mapping sketches to faces and the use of shapebinders. Then I showcase the Assembly3 workbench to make a really simple assembly.


Michael Saint says:

This blows dont waste time find another

Michael Saint says:

You went to fast and did not explain anything, I`m sure I can loose you in many other topics I Know & you would be complaining like me……… remake video it is for people who already know how to use this program,if I know which I wwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiillllll soon I will make your skills in here look anemic.

Rupert Linn says:

Great video! I am new to FreeCAD, but I found your video easy to follow – that is right up to the point of selecting Assembly 3. There is no Assembly on my list of workbenches. Using the Add-on Manager, I can only find Assembly 2, which I will try. Is there another way to get Assembly 3? (My version of FreeCAD is 0.17, my 2018 MacBook pro is operating on Mojave.)

rjrodrig6 says:

Thank you very much for your video. It was very useful

Gryphon Arms USA says:

I still just don't understand why so many cad developers cling to parametric modeling. It creates way too many points where you can totally screw up a model and waste way too much time making one "simple" change down the road. I forces everyone to think the same way when designing, which is absolutely impossible. It's like telling DaVinci and Picasso that they have to paint exactly the same way, using exactly the same brushes & hold them the same and can only use the same paint or else the canvas will disintegrate half way through the painting. I'm sure some of my analogies aren't right, but I sure your smart enough to get what I mean.

I used Autodesk Inventor 2009 in my engineering I & II in college and I thought that was so awesome, until I came across PTC CoCreate. My model design time became so much faster and could much more easily create complex assemblies with accurate wire breakouts and within weeks was doing work in days that Engineers (that had been using the program for years) told me would take a couple weeks to complete. Now I hate inventor and similar apps. The whole point of CAD is to streamline and speed up the design process, not make it more complicated.

Morgan Allen says:

Wonderful tutorial. I'd been missing the concept of a fully constrained sketch and could (I hope) explain why some of my sketches seem to "fall apart". Additionally you're explanation of Shapebinders is one of the clearest I've seen. Both these topics would make good future video. Thanks a lot!

larry123456az says:

Very nice tutorial! One tiny thing….. the fan blades are pitched backward, so very low efficiency fan!

Kevin Burgess says:

Hey bud can you do some more vids really learn from you. basics to advance would be awsome lol. well done 🙂

Harry Hirsch says:

Hey Lysergesaure1, thanks for the good video.
However, I did not really understand the reason for putting the bodies into their own assembly and finally making an assembly from two assemblies.
Note: doesn't the diameter constraint icon also contain a radius constraint on its pulldown arrow?
Keep up the good work

Winston Ford says:

Great vid man. Best FreeCad tut. You're a natural. Thank you!

Roland Rider says:

Thanks….really good video! Well explained and moved at a good pace

joan aymerich says:

Great video and very impressivefreecad step-forward!

artgoat says:

You have some of the best FreeCAD tutorials on YouTube. It's very obvious that you actually know how to use it to its fullest!

vanutsteen says:

Learned a couple of new things!

Dejan Petrovic says:

Hi, I enjoyed your tutorial. You explain everything and its easy to follow. I wish I can animate this fan now just to practice but haven't found good tutorial with voice over.

kanal says:

Thank you. very easy to follow and learned a ton.

BurtMeister3000 says:

Excellent vid. I was having my first tinker with FreeCAD today and you made it look very easy and quick. I hope to see more of your videos. Thanks.

pumpal LKT says:

Learned a lot from this video. Thank you!

funkysod says:

A really good tutorial. Keep making them. Love freecad but I learned a couple of new things. Thanks!

George Stavrou says:

Nice demo, one question how did you show up in the upper corner the navigation compass?

gamingSlasher says:

The Make a thick solid command dont work for me. I get BRep_API: command not done. Just installed the latest Freecad. Good tutorial otherwise. Keep up the good work.

qashqai q says:

Great really. New futures explained well. thanks .. please do more when you have time. Something that might be interesting is making box for electronic circuits .. and a panel.

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