Drafting with Carlson’s Raw Standard Item Feature

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This webinar, presented by Jennifer DiBona of That CAD Girl, will focus on the new support for CAD Standards within Carlson 2010.

Jennifer notes that this new feature is built around a database that is independent of any single drawing and offers a simplified user environment for defining, managing and drawing in accordance with predefined CAD standards. She will be demonstrating that a default set of standards for the Surveying and Civil disciplines based on the US National CAD Standards is included in the 2010 release.

Because the feature contains a management interface for CAD Managers as well as a production drafter interface, this webinar will show how to develop and maintain CAD Standards and will also show the user how to save time and effort by leveraging them.

Learn more or request a demo at: carlsonsw.com/civil

October, 2009


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