CorelCAD – Creating a 3d floor plan

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This video will show you how to make a 3D floor plan. I started tracing a scanned image of a floor plan. Then I traced the walls by using the rectangle tool, then use draw – extrude command on all the walls. Finally I use a render plugin to make it more realistic.


Fernz Tv says:

may i know how to make background as white?

aAlive says:

There is a speed button for those who wants faster,,, 🙂 Click at Settings & change as per your choice,,,

Peter Bach says:

can you explain how you made the image transparent?

raze pu says:

narrater is too slow as corel draw

R Reichel says:

I saw a youtube section on making to circles then extruding them and subtracting the inner extrusion then radius both inside and outside of the top giving a rounded top then he turned it over and subtracted the inside to make it a shell of .062 thickness in auto-cad. can it be done in coral-cad if so could you do a youtube section on it? I hope to see it done as I am trying to learn this cad, corel that is. I have learned a-lot from you tutorials and like seeing them. Thanks for doing them.

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