Complex roofs in ARCHICAD – Cross-gable roof

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ArchiCAD 15 New Features – Complex roofs
Cross-gable roof

In this video, we will present how we can easily create a cross-gable Roof, trimming two separate gable roofs to each other.

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Tomeka Pompey says:

Enjoy woodprix woodworking instructions.

vomont says:

trimming bodies are not editable for me – on Archicad 21 – is there a solution? Thank you

Omer Aldossiry says:

not helpful at all

The Legend says:

is there a way to make two pivot lines on a single-plane roof? my roof is angled in two directions so i need two pivot lines to rotate it in two vertical directions

Johan Løve Gjersvik says:

How do you find the box where you can choose between hip roof and gable?

ნოა says:

can I download it? and where?

cezary zbikowski says:

Very clear and nice way, but ……roof made this way doesnt work with RoofMaker Wizard.
When I apply this add on it doesnt recognize it as one roof and makes rafters as if there were to separate roofs even if i combine them using solid element operetor. Any solution to this problem? Thanx.

Ammar Alammar says:


John Pingol says:

thanks alot!

Ilmārs Briška says:

Thanks a LOT!

Ammar Alammar says:

very nice thanks

LogicalImagination says:

Thank you sir, you helped a lot!

c4munn says:

Thank you, well done

Daniel Boesen Nolan says:

Awsome, thanks !

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