Classics modeled in ArchiCAD – The Sagrada Familia – Passion Towers [hi-speed]

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Watch the extended version of the recording for a more in-depth walk-through of the modeling process:

After a month of research, the West facade of Antoni Gaudis most famous building, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain is ready to be remodeled in ArchiCAD with the help of the MORPH tool.

ArchiCAD 16 introduces direct modeling capabilities into the native BIM environment with its brand new MORPH™ tool.

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josias ohouo says:

You are very Good

joel Elias Martinez says:

alguien me puede decir como hizo para dejar su forma hueca ?

A tu aire says:

It's a pity that someone who did this fantastic work dont know passion towers have an eliptic floor.

But your work is amazing!


slow it down plz

mahmod abdulsalam says:

Amazing work

That Guy. says:


Noah Miller says:

All I know is that the name is supposedly called Ambitions by Bononia. I can't find it anywhere though.

Yue Yu says:

name of the song pls 

Stevie D says:

Im so glad I'm not the only one who found the music amazing

T.A.T On The Beat says:

Song name?????

Herman Quiahuitl says:

Amazing work.

Helen Rowlett-Barbu says:

I just came here cuz the song was awesome. Anyone know what it is?

MoltenPaper says:

I take it this cannot be used to create text

Ernest660 says:

Thanks, appreciate the video! if i get more into making models for video games this is the video I'm coming to again!

saiko says:

the song reminds me of a speeded version of miley cyrus's ''wrecking ball''…what's the name of it?

Maurice Sartorelli says:

Just brilliant – both the building and Archicad

Lenin A.M.S says:

esta tremendo

Алексей Литвин says:

Какому долбоёбу не понравилось это видео?

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