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    Fusion 360: Batman Wall Plaque!
    by Michael Buckley
    TurboCAD 3D from 2D Profiles
    by James Sullivan
    Introducing CorelCAD™
    by Loren Meyer
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This short video was created to demonstrate out how to make a nut and bolt for 3d printing using Tinkercad. The nut and bolt were printed and presented at Oxford Hackspace’s Designing for 3D Printing: [More]
In this video you will see how to scan a drawing and email it. Then fix up any imperfections in paint, convert it into an ‘SVG’ format and then import it into Tinkercad. From there [More]
Tinkercad is so easy to use that it doesn’t require a beginner’s video, but here’s a video of some advanced tricks you could do to take your Tinkercad game to the next level. This video [More]
Download your own Dancing Skeleton: https://www.cuglabs.com/projects-1/dancing-skeleton I was asked to model a lobster in Tinkercad to show how to model organic shapes. Enjoy! Be warned, this video is pretty long. I won’t be upset if [More]