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Pr├ęsentation et illustration du processus de travail dans DraftSight (qui est gratuit) : du dessin au traceur. A travers l’exemple d’un plan sommaire je montre : -Comment param├ętrer un dessin dans le menu Format (gestion [More]
In DraftSight Professional and Enterprise 2017, you can import legacy or new DGN files into DraftSight and work with them directly. DGN Import facilitates your workflows by importing and converting the DGN file format drawing [More]
Done a little differently to AutoCAD, this vid shows you how to set scales correctly and how to add dimensions.
In EagleRock’s 6th DraftSight tutorial, we will go over 4 counter top examples: a bathroom vanity, a corner sink, a rounded island and a European miter. Eagle Rock Products is bringing highly innovative machinery to [More]
Draft Sight is a free 2d software that is extremely useful for knife makers. Follow along as I show you the basics while I design a frame lock folding knife. I go over some of [More]
This is the first video EagleRock’s series of DraftSight tutorials. This video goes over the various parts of the DraftSight window. Eagle Rock Products is bringing highly innovative machinery to the stone industry for the [More]
Objective: Using CAD software students will be able to change the units for the dimensions, create a simple rectangle, and create layers in their drawings by watching a short video tutorial that explains the process. [More]
Remove duplicate entities or overlapping parts of entities from a drawing with ease. This feature is available in DraftSight Professional and Enterprise. Discover more here www.draftsightprofessional.com/features.
If your job function requires the use of 2D CAD, you are probably familiar with Draftsight, a free 2D CAD software. We have composed a Lunch and Learn webinar focusing on the interface and key [More]